Biography - Jonas Nermyr

Jonas started dancing at the age of 8 years old, and it quickly became his main hobby. Lindy hop was the first dance that captured him and it made all his interest focus on African American dance and music. All spare time was spent in the dance studio, practicing to develop his skills, or at home listening to old jazz recordings. The weekends was spent at competitions or performing with swing dance company Basie's Bunch. 

In his early twenties Jonas moved to Stockholm to study professionally and since graduating from the Ballet Academy in 2006 he has been working as a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer.

In 2010 Jonas, together with Larsa Jemt and Andrew Liebmann, founded Stockholm Tap Festival which has grown in to one of the major tap dance events in the world.

Current projects are listed at: PÅ SCEN)



2002-2003,  1-year dance program, Danscenter Stockholm

2003-2006, 3-year dance education, Ballet Academy Stockholm

2017-2018, 1-year halftime studies, Royal College of Music, Stockholm

 + a vast number of festivals/camps/workshops, which include learning from the following masters of tap, swing and jazz: Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Arthur Duncan, Dawn Hampton, Brenda Bufalino, Dianne Walker, Ivery Wheeler, Savion Glover, Sarah Petronio, Skip Cunningham, Chazz Young, Chester Whitmore, Sam Weber, Heather Cornell, Ted Louis Levy, Marshall Davis Jr, Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards, Derick Grant, Roxane Butterfly, Tamangoh, Jason Samuels Smith, Michelle Dorrance, Ayodele Casel, and many other great dancers.



Choreographer/dancer in various productions and events including Rolling Stones official video "Plundered My Soul", Swedish Museum of Performing Art, Swedish National Television (SVT), Swedish Grammy Awards.

Ten years member of swing dance company Basie's Bunch, touring all over the world; New York City, Washington DC and London, doing shows and performances, tv-broadcasts and musicals.

Member of the Swedish Lindy Hop National Team, a 5th place in the 1995 World Championship, 2nd place in the 1999 World Championship + a bunch of gold, silver and bronze medals in the Swedish Championships.

Jonas is regularly teaching at dance studios in Stockholm and at workshops and festivals around Sweden and abroad.

 -  YouTube playlist - previous shows & performances

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"Tap dance became my favorite form of expression and in 2009 I founded House of Hoofing to help spread my love for this art form. I want people to be more educated about tap, and learn about the African American history and tradition.

In 2010 I co-founded Sthlm Tap Festival, which has become one of the main tap events in the world and now is an all-year-round occupation for me as producer & artistic director.

Another dream and goal was to be member of a band and show how tap is also a muscial instrument and that's what I do with Bagis Bebop"

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stepp steppdans
stepp steppdans

 - performer & teacher, "Rockin' in Rhythm", Stockholm, 2024

 - artistic residency & performances, Geneva/Lausanne, Switzerland, Oct. 2023.

 - tap dancer, STOCKHOLM JAZZ FESTIVAL, 2015, 2021-2023

 - tap soloist, "Duke Ellington's Sacred Concert", Tyresö Kyrka, 2023

 - featued tap dancer, Glamtastic Jazz Club, Stockholm, 2023

 - artistic residency Geneva/Lausanne, Switzerland, Oct. 2022.  with support of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee

 - Choreographer & dancer, "TAP på svenska", 2022-

 - Artist in residence, tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf, Germany, May 2022

 - Dancer/percussionist,  Bagarmossen Bebop, 2021-

 - Percussionist & dancer, "Reencuentro", Flamenco Center Stockholm 2019, 2021-

 - Choreographer & dancer, "Vem Kan Vad", Swedish National Television, 2020

 - Dancer/Percussionist, "Happy Birdsday”, Charlie Parker Centennial, Stockholm 2020

 - Teacher & perfomer "Gbg Tap Weekend", Gothenburg 2019, 2022

 - Percussionist & dancer, "FlamencoFredag", Stockholm 2019

 - Choreographer & dancer, "All of Me", Stora Teatern Göteborg 2019

 - Guest teacher, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Jakobstad Finland 2019

 - Tap dancer, "TAP FUTURE", New York City 2018

 - Tap and modern dancer, "Cowboys", Sebastian Weber Dance Company, Germany 2018

 - Choreographer, "Vlad Spetsaren", Södra Teatern Stockholm 2018

 - Performer, Body Music Residency w. Nicholas Young, Germany 2018

 - Dancer, feature film "Dansa Först", Golden Road Pictures, Stockholm 2018

 - Tap dancer, sound track to animated movie "Min Börda" by Niki Lindroth von Bahr. Sthlm 2017

 - Choreographer & dancer, "Sthlm Tap Show", Stockholm 2012-2021

 - Teacher & perfomer "No 1 TAP weekend", Gothenburg 2017

 - Tap dancer, OSLO JAZZ FESTIVAL, Norway 2017

 - Lindy hop teacher, Oslo Tap & Swing Explosion, Norway 2017

 - Tap teacher, Herräng Dance Camp, 2016-2017, 2019, 2022

 - Choreographer & dancer "I am me" by Diambra, Scalateatern Stockholm 2017

 - Teacher lindy hop, Malmö Spring Jump, 2017

 - Tap dancer, Sebastian Weber & friends, Huawei Gala, Hannover 2017

 - Featured Tap Dancer, "On Stage", permanent exhibition at Swedish Museum of Performing Arts

 - Performer & teacher,  Le Labo Tap Jam, Berlin, Germany 2017

 - Teacher/Performer, Tap Oslo 2017, Norway 2017

 - Choreographer "Alex & Sigge LIVE", Rival Stockholm 2017

 - Teacher, "Tap Residency Madrid", Spain 2016

 - Guest Tap Teacher, Pineapple Dance Studio, London, UK 2016

 - Tap Dancer "Noites de Performances", Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016

 - Tap/Swing Teacher "Tap in Rio", Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016

 - Guest Tap Teacher, "Tap Jazz Center", Santiago de Chile, 2016

 - Tap Dancer, "Gala Internacional de Claqué", Madrid, Spain, 2014-2016

 - Teacher, Antwerp Tap Festival 2014, Belgium

 - Tap Dancer, TAP EXTRAVAGANZA 2014, New York City, USA 2014

 - Guest Tap Teacher, Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Los Angeles, USA 2014

 - Tap/Swing dancer, "Danskrysset", MandH Productions, Stockholm, 2014

 - Tap Teacher, Turkey Lindy Hop Festival 2013, Antalya, Turkey

 - Tap Coach "Pojken och Stjärnan", Wasa Theater, Finland, 2013

 - Choreographer & dancer, SWEDISH GRAMMY AWARDS 2012

 - Tap Dancer "TAP OSLO 2011", Oslo, Norway

 - Guest Teacher Tap/Swing, At Tickle Toes, Oslo, 2010-

 - Tap dancer in the Michael Jackson Tribute "Billy Jean Live", Nyköping Theatre, 2010

 - Dancer/Singer in various productions, Dröse & Norberg Nöjen AB, 2009

 - Tap dancer in DiAMbra's Choreographers Showdown, Nalen, 2009

 - Dancer/Singer in musical "Guldkungen", Växjö Theater, 2009

 - Dancer in the show "Las Vegas At Sea", Tallink Silja Line Ferries, 2008

 - Dancer/Singer in musical "Sing Swing Fling", Sprechwerk Hamburg, 2008

 - Dancer/Singer in musical "Pippi", Stockholms Stadsteater 2007

 - Dancer with Diamond Dogs, Golden Hits Stockholm, 2007

 - Teacher, Jitterbugs Swingapore, Singapore 2005

 - Performer, "Jazz by the Beach", Singapore 2005